Our Story


OurVoice was formed through a desire to help us grow individually and together.

Reena Merchant first conceptualized OurVoice in 2006. During a time of deep personal evolution, Reena realized how much of her own journey had centered around uncovering her identity, finding her voice, and elevating her self esteem. As her journey continued, and as she connected with others, Reena realized that developing a confident, authentic presence was a common theme for many.

Her desire has always been to create a community that can support us through this evolution. And this growing desire has finally manifested in the form of OurVoice.

OurVoice aims to provide resources, events, and heartfelt connections that can support each of us on our individual journeys. It also recognizes that it is when we connect with others through our personal development, that we can start to strengthen the world around us.

Join OurVoice on our mission to strengthen our collective voice through individual growth.

Stay informed of resources and upcoming events by joining our community. Want to get involved with OurVoice? Join our core team, or offer your support either as a partner or volunteer.

Reena Merchant

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